Are you annoyed too at rising health insurance premiums?

Calculations show that a switch to a different health insurance can save up to CHF 4,000 per year.

Comparison calculator

Get a quick and easy comparison between health insurance premiums for 2021 and save up to CHF 4,000 per year while keeping the same benefits!

Why is a change of health insurance worth your while?

Every year, many insurance holders in Switzerland pay too much for their health insurance premiums. Premiums are set to rise further in 2021. By switching to a different health insurance, you can save hundreds or even thousands of Swiss francs annually on your premiums, yet still receive the same benefits.

The premiums payable can vary considerably between different health insurers, even though the benefits of the basic health insurance are the same everywhere. Therefore you should check regularly how much you can save on your premiums and reduce the costs of your basic health insurance by changing your insurer.